i3LEARNHUB software


  • "As a substitute i3LEARNHUB really is perfect for me because I change schools every two to three months, and it saves me from having to get acquainted every time with the new software of the school, to annoy the administrator to change the image of the pc rooms with different software, it's great, thank you again, I only need an IWB in each classroom now ;) "

    Maxime L.France
  • "Very easy to use and really not that hard to master the basics and create lessons quickly.”

    Charlotte N.Belgium
  • "I'm very excited about the i3LEARNHUB software."

    Vanessa V.Belgium
  • "I have explained the software to my colleagues in an hour's time. I think they will now quickly get the hang of it."

    Isabel VBBelgium
  • “As an IWB user I am used to that kind of environment. However i3LEARNHUB has a few features that left me flabbergasted.” ;)

    Audrey G. France
  • “i3LEARNHUB is “GROOL””

    Andreas F.Germany
  • “I have been using i3LEARNHUB since September 2014. I think it is a great app. You can use it for various things: as a regular writing board, interactive quizzes, exporting exercises,…”

    Marleen G.Belgium