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These days, well into the 21st Century, many countries around the world are questioning their existing educational system and their work force: does the traditional 19th century model still suffice and if not, how can we be more economically performant in a globalizing world and yet preserve local culture?

In many pedagogical circles one can hear voices about a thorough educational reform. More creativity and more practice are needed for students to enter their new professional lives equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills. Our social context has changed. School is becoming a meeting place where not only teaching activities take place. The internet is becoming ever more embedded in every-day life. Technology is evolving faster and faster. Whiteboards are now interactive and computers are at the center of many experiences, both social and educational ones.

i3 is a global company. Every day we gain new impressions about the accelerators behind the shift that is happening in education.

The drivers, accelerators, catalysts, mentioned above influence the way we at i3 think about furniture and technology in the classroom. And ultimately they drive change and innovation in our designs and the way we envision our interactive, integrated and inspiring solutions.
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Communicate and collaborate
In our vision, the ability to interact, communicate and collaborate is important in many ways. Most obvious are the interactive IT products in our product line: all products allow interactivity in one-to-many, single user or small group collaboration setups, both inside the working or learning environment and at home.


User centered synergy
The goal of integration should be to make the environment easy to use by offering the highest possible level of synergy between the elements that constitute the environment. Various functions such as ergonomics, communication, collaboration, technology, mobility, storag all must integrate into wellthought products to be effective.


Achieve advanced outcomes
Interactivity and integration are essential parts of i3 environments, but are not sufficient. Inspiration is a prerequisite to achieve advanced outcomes. Climate, atmosphere, ergonomics, aesthetics, technology and audiovisual interactive media each have their own effect on the motivation and the sense of well being of participants and facilitators alike.

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