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The primary school het Klepperke in Balen, Belgium, wanted to change and innovate her teaching methods. The school has searched for an interactive whiteboard and eventually acquired the i3BOARD of i3-Technologies. It has opted for the largest i3BOARD model of 135”, because a large surface offers more teaching opportunities.

It doesn’t end there

The school has also showed interest in the broader product range of i3-Technologies, in particular the software and hardware products that can be integrated in the i3BOARD. The i3PROJECTOR is one of the other products het Klepperke has acquired. The widest (UW) model of the i3PROJECTOR without lamp combined with the i3BOARD 135” makes it possible for the teacher to open different windows next to each other.

This way, the class maintains a clear overview on the projected subject matter. The lampless projector uses a double laser light source, which results into a higher cost price. However, the projector lasts at least ten times longer than a projector with lamp, which leads to much lower costs in the long term. In addition, the projector is eco-friendly and consumes low power.

The second grade is impressed

One of the i3BOARDs is installed in the second grade’s classroom of het Klepperke. Its large surface and multi-touch functionality

allow the students to work separately on the board without disturbing each other. This way, they can simultaneously make math exercises according to a different method and compare the methods later on to check which one is the most suitable for the exercises. The writings on the board are much clearer for the students, which means the teacher doesn’t needlessly have to zoom in or out. Lesson notes can be easily expanded by adding examples to make it easier for students to grasp the subject matter and process it. Sam Van Geboers, teacher of the class, is very excited about the board’s flexibility: “the i3BOARD makes teaching so much easier, because it can be used as magnetic board, classic chalk board and interactive whiteboard. Three in one! Amazing!”

The reactions of the students are also very positive. They say the large surface and interactive properties of the i3BOARD make language and math lessons more attractive. They enjoy making exercises on the board and they find it easy to write with the pen or simply with their finger. They instantly understand the board’s functioning without practicing in advance. This also applies to interims and interns, who can start their lessons immediately. In combination with the laser projector and i3-Technologies software products, the i3BOARD dramatically increases the interactivity and productivity in the class. Children are actively engaged in the lessons and make exercises on the board together. This shows that i3-Technologies has completely renovated the way of teaching at het Klepperke.

Source: Case study about use of i3BOARD 135” in het Klepperke in Balen, Belgium