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Interactive touch display

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Bringing advanced touchscreen user experiences to the classroom

The new i3TOUCH Premium “10” series with C-Sense technology embodies the next generation in displays. C-Sense incorporates capacitive sensing, which makes a display highly responsive as it does not rely on pressure. The new series also features an improved audio system and OPS slot for universal OPS PC integration and includes i3NOTES, an app with essential whiteboarding tools to make notes and draw ideas with digital ink.


Why should you choose for an i3TOUCH Premium interactive display?

10 touch

Multi-user interactions up to 40 simultaneous touches

Flicking, pinching, swiping and dragging: these gesture-based actions come naturally to kids nowadays. Tapping into this, the i3TOUCH with C-Sense technology fully incorporates capacitive sensing, making it highly responsive, as it does not rely on pressure. It will help in bringing children’s intuitiveness to the classroom to enhance their learning experiences.

Main features C-Sense

> Multi-user interaction and up to 40 touch points
> Extremely precise
> Fast response
> Very sensitive: even the slightest touch can register an input
> Excellent optical performance (high transmissivity)
> High durability
> Platform independent
> Increased product life span
> Finger touch or stylus only
> Standard wall-mount included


Premium touch screen


The i3TOUCH P series have an improved design and sound system. All i3TOUCH Premium displays are equipped with an OPS slot for universal OPS computer integrations and integrated speakers for improved sound quality. 


Clear images


The i3TOUCH Premium is available in 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 60 Hz for both HDMI and OPS allowing you to play real 4K video. It uses auto-brightness to adjust brightness depending on ambient lighting to save power. This is the best ergonomical solution for the eyes as it dramatically reduces eye strain.





Combine the i3TOUCH with an i3FLOORSTAND and ensure flexibility and mobility in the classroom. Our mobile stand allows you to move the i3TOUCH easily from one side to another. With the push of a button, you can quickly adjust the stand to accommodate teachers and students of differing heights and those who are seated or physically challenged.





The i3TOUCH Premium displays work like a giant tablet! They include an Android PC, linked to the touch functionalities. You can manage your display settings by simply touching the screen, so you no longer need to use a remote control or push a button. The display is a stand-alone solution, so you can open images, watch videos or even browse the web, without the need of an additonal computer.