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  • i3LIGHTHOUSE-learning-environment

An innovative new digital learning tool for classroom environments that promotes hands-on, active learning and engages students like never before.

Designed to support k-12 learning environments, i3LIGHTHOUSE helps teachers bring lessons to life while encouraging students to play, collaborate, share and engage.
i3LIGHTHOUSE not only supports the I.Q. side of learning but the E.Q side as well. Developing strong social and communication skills at an early age prepares students for a more successful learning path.
Developing a basic familiarity with technology and digital media at a younger age is strongly encouraged by early childhood theorists and leaders of thought.

By connecting information through active participation, i3LIGHTHOUSE helps build a strong foundation. Students are able to access technology at a younger age increasing their familiarity and ability to adapt to technology later in life.

The compact and mobile design of i3LIGHTHOUSE fits perfectly into any sized space and can be stored anywhere. The durable casters allow students and teachers to go anywhere.

Learning through play
i3LIGHTHOUSE helps students make sense of the world around them by connecting classroom concepts to hands-on, engaging activities. Interactive tools help students develop both cognitive and social skills while having fun!

Have a seat The padded cushion top gives teachers a comfortable place to sit and still interact with students without having to sit on the floor.

  • Certificates and awards

    Awards Certificates
    innovation award

    Innovation Award 2012
    NeoCon® Awards

    patent pending

    Patent pending
    A worldwide patent is pending

    Neocon innovation award

    Prix innovation 2012
    Salon des maires


    Certificate of conformity
    No. N13-053-A

    Salon de maires award

    NEOCON GOLD Award 2013
    NeoCon® Awards

  • Optional accessories

    i3lighthouse-projection-surface-i3 Projection surface:
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    innovation award i3LIGHTHOUSE cover
    innovation award Keyboard & mouse

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